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Living Services

Living Services

Mission Mountain Enterprises, Inc. (MME) provides living arrangements for individuals with disabilities, in an array of community settings. Depending on the person’s preferences, strengths, abilities, and/or needs; he or she may live in a group home, an apartment, in a rented home, or in their own home. 

All individuals MME supports live-in the community of their choosing, where they share activities with housemates and enjoy a sense of companionship and a feeling of family. Living arrangements for people with disabilities are provided in a variety of community settings. Our group homes provide a private, secure personal space. They are fully licensed and inspected, with 24-hour supervision. 

Benefits of Community Living 

Personal preference and informed choices are used when decisions are made for alternative living arrangements. Community support individuals receive overnight assistance and monitoring, if requested by the person served. Quality health care and safety is a corporate priority. 

  • Routine Community Activities 
  • Leisure-time Activities 
  • Transportation is Provided 


MME provides employment services through both our organization and out in a community setting.

Organizational Employment

There are a variety of paying jobs available at our Work/Activity Centers. MME services consist of:

  • Activity centers: There are a variety of jobs our individuals can do within our activity centers. From sorting laundry, mopping floors, to organizing workspaces we find appropriate jobs for all levels of ability.
  • Thrift stores: Both of our thrift stores provide our individuals with a variety of work experiences. Our individuals work in production and customer service to assist in building job skills and improving social skills.
  • Mobile janitorial crews: Our organization has janitorial crews who can be hired to clean area businesses in off hours. Our individuals work as a team to complete these jobs which aids in team building and learning how to work well with others. 

Transportation services are provided by MME for work services. All individuals are compensated for their work. Employment placement is based on interests and preferences of the individual. Skills and overall potential is also assessed to ensure job placement is accurate to the personal skill set and preferences for everyone in order to help them succeed.

Community Employment

Mission Mountain Enterprises provides employment opportunities for our individuals through our  Community Employment Program. It is designed to provide people that qualify, the chance to work as  independently as possible at a competitive job in the community. The program is based on the  individual’s choices and vocational skills. MME is affiliated with Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors  through Montana VRBS to ensure safe and professional environments for MME individuals.

Through our Community Employment Program, we provide the following services to the people in services depending on their needs, eligibility, and choices:

Supported Employment

This program is for persons with intellectual disabilities who, because of their disabilities, need intensive ongoing support to perform in a work setting. Supported employment provides the opportunity to work for pay in regular employment, integrated with people who do not have disabilities and who are not paid caregivers. They also receive long-term support services in order to retain employment.

Transitional Employment Services

Through this program we assist a person served through reviewing and teaching job seeking skills, preparing a resume, practicing interviewing, and organizing a job search. The MME Employment Development Specialist also works with individuals on other important aspects of a job search such as good grooming, personal hygiene, problem solving, and providing or arranging transportation.

Job Development

Our Employment Development Specialist will discuss with the individual what types of jobs that they would be interested in. Once the type of job and employer is identified the Employment Development Specialist will either contact the employer or assist the individual in contacting the employer. Our staff is in contact with the Polson Job Service to see what current vacancies are available with local businesses, and what types of jobs may be available in the future. The Employment Development Specialist may develop and on the job evaluation for an individual to participate in.

Community Based Assessment

The Employment Development Specialist will work with an individual and the employer to develop a work site where you can get the opportunity to actually work for an employer to see if an individual likes the job and is able to succeed at it. A person would be given a set number of hours to work at this business and would be paid for doing the job. The wages and workman’s compensation would be provided for the employer who employs a person during a trial placement.

On the Job Training

This program provides a new employee the chance to learn specific job skills that are generally required at the time of application but are being taught instead by the employer on the job during the initial few weeks or month of employment. An employer is eligible for up to 50% for an agreed upon period. The employee must be on the employer’s payroll with a commitment to hire if the “on the job training” candidate is successful in the job. This program is available only to people who are receiving services through the State of Montana Vocational Rehabilitation Program.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

This is a tax credit and not a deduction. If a person is employed for at least 400 hours the credit is 40% of the unsubsidized wages was paid to him up to $6,000. This program is available only to people who are receiving services through the State of Montana Vocational Rehabilitation Program


Community Integration and Recreation

Community activities including recreational, religious, cultural, vocational and educational pursuits are all part of MMEs Community Integration and Recreation Programs. By identifying the needs and desires of individuals MME staff will provide experiences and education to help individual meet their goals.

Participation in Community Integration programs and Recreation programs offers greater self-sufficiency, self-efficacy, and increased self-esteem to our individuals. They learn how to become effective and proactive members of their community and environment. An individual may participate in a variety of community life experiences which include religious activities, cultural activities, vocational pursuits, educational activities, and leisure/recreational activities. At MME we work hard to provide our individuals with life experiences which help them grow and succeed.


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