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Residential and Day Service Opportunities 

Our day service programs, and community homes are safe, comfortable spaces for our individuals to continue the development of social and self-care skills to increase their independence. Volunteers who work with our day service programs and group homes assist in activities including our individuals like game nights, art classes, and cooking classes.

Other opportunities to volunteer with these programs include working on our properties completing tasks such as outdoor planting, painting, and yardwork. There opportunities are perfect for church group, high school/college students, service organizations and active retirees.  


At MME, we have many ways to volunteer and get involved. Volunteers are welcome to assist in many areas at both Polson MT and Ronan MT locations.

Volunteers can provide our individuals with socialization opportunities outside of MME staff, enabling increased self-confidence, learning skills and new experiences for our individuals. See how you could positively impact the MME Organization.

Twice But Nice            

229 Main St. SW 
Ronan, MT 59864 

For larger items, call for pick-up:



417 Main St. 
Polson MT, 59860 

For larger items, call for pick-up:


Thrift Stores 

Mission Mountain Enterprises operates two thrift stores in the Mission 
Valley, Twice but Nice in Ronan MT and Nifty Thrifty in Polson MT. Both stores employ many of our individuals with developmental disabilities.  Our stores welcome donations of all kinds, including clothing, furniture, books, tools, electronics, and household items. 

Deliver items to either store, or to drop boxes conveniently located at Super One in Polson MT, and Harvest Foods in Ronan MT. 

Come on in and see what treasures you can find at our stores.  


A focus at Mission Mountain Enterprises is to provide recreational experiences throughout our state, and local communities. We encourage and appreciate having our individuals connect with other community members. Connecting with others in the community aid in developing relationships and community inclusion.

Hosting an event, helping with Special Olympics, providing educational experiences, and recreational experiences such as hiking, fishing, and fitness are just some of the few recreational activities you can participate in. If you are someone in our community who can help provide or assist in recreational activities, please contact us. We would love to hear what you have to offer. 


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